Here's a complete list of what is in harvest and available at the Multnomah Village locations (please note this list will vary upon the day and what's available in the fields): 

It's been a long Winter but the Daffodils are finally here; a true sign of Spring! Along with fresh cut Daffodils, we also have some produce! We have Washington HoneyCrisp Apples, Washington Fuji Apples, Washington Pink Lady Apples, Washington Russet & Baby Potatoes, Oregon D'Anjou Pears, Washington Onions, Kale/Leeks fresh daily from our Canby Farm, and Beets out of Canby as well. We are also carrying a few non-local items such as Oranges, Mangos, Lemons, and  Avocados to add some selection. We are also carrying some beautiful Pussywillow that's from our Canby Farm. Jam/Honey also available. Tulips should also arrive by Easter Weekend.

Kruse Village should be opening in the next couple weeks. Our other locations will not open until May/June when Strawberries come into season.