Our Story

Jacque Parsons believed the future of farming was in the Pacific Northwest. He decided to follow his passion of farming from rural West Virginia, to the growing state of Oregon over 30 years ago. He began his first farming in Sherwood and Canby, his first farms, and expanded to Dayton and Dundee later.
Jacque Parsons, opened our first produce stand on Carman Drive in 1988. At the time he was farming his crops in Sherwood and Canby, but was living in Lake Oswego, just up the road from Carman Drive and Kruse Way. At this time, he recognized Herb Kruse’s Farm on Kruse Way. He stopped and talked to Herb many times, and eventually they came to an agreement that Jacque could sell berries out of the back of his pick- up truck on Herb’s property. So it all started with a pick-up truck, one table, and a small tarp.
Parsons Farms is now a 3rd generation family farm that has expanded all across the Portland metro area with produce stands. We are proud of what we do, what we deliver to local communities, and what we grow.